June 1–Can you imagine that?


This an older photo that I submitted for the GLBT Pride 2006. Little dark but it is one of my favorites. This last week I’ve been updating my online material. Perhaps I should be creating more art… but it is important to at least document a bit along the way. My information contained here may not be particularly insightful, it is only a gay man journaling some of his feeling in a very open forum. I am appreciative of life and all that it brings but gratitude slips away on and then. That is sad.

I cannot believe how fortunate we are. Our lifestyle is beyond most of the world’s inhabitants’ imagination. I know my remaining time is short. I spend most of my time documenting the small things — the things one passing by with out noticing. That is why you see so many shadows photographed in my work. What is more ignored than they are? What one might think as totally benign — is not. That is the point. That is the point to my art. Vision, smell and the rest of our senses are a miracle. Ick! Miracle-really hate that word. because it implies a God. Whether or not they are God given is mute. That is not the point of the work. My work is about the ordinary. The ability to experience … to reason… is beyond what might be expected in this universe and we get to. We get to. Pretty amazing.

Author: Bill Hendricks -- Shadowmason

All things are good... Life... Position... And being.

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