Well it has been a couple of strange weeks … the sun prints are working out fine. This uploaded item gives you a clue how I doing. This close the final proof. There are five plates… Looking forward to finishing an edition this week.

I have was also invited to… a sort of my space for artist. I’ve put a few thing up there. Check out the site. It is rather interesting from a Web 2.0 standpoint. I seems to be very well organized and they are looking for input.

You may notice that you can post to my blog. I am sorry… but the spammers have found me so I am turning off the registration feature for a few days. If someone out there wants to contact me to post to this site… Please contact me at my e-mail.


Line Can’t Get Any Better

Semester is over… now getting ready for summer. Overall the semester was great. I am going to miss the students had some wonderful folks. PHP & MySQL are taking up my time right now. The few days will be working on my prints and sun prints. Going to have some fun!