Classmates at the MFA Reception

The folks to the right are my fellow classmates at the MFA Reception on December 15, 2005. From left to right, they are Ed 06, Bethany 05, Erika 06 after making a wise-crack to Vince Leo, Joe 05, Laura 06, Andrea 05, Heidi 05 and me… Bill 05.

Getting there… so far through break I have been working on a daily basis and staying on track. Documenting work is a priority currently. Will spend most of the day tomorrow and a couple of other days doing that. Prepping for class is next on the list which I am doing. Lucky for me both work and play co-exist.

My do list is long but I will get through it. Besides teaching a Minneapolis Community Technical College, I will be teaching another course online at Minneapolis College of Art and Design–Graphic Design for the Non-Designer.

Reading resumes today because I am serving on two hiring committees. One is a position open in our English Department and the other is an opening for a full-time ceramics instructor. This is a big chore.

More later or tomorrow.