Just another picture until the next

“Must you know that yours will be the “better” picture before you pick up the brush and paint? Can it not simply be another picture? Another expression of beauty?
Must a rose be “better” than an iris in order to justify its existence?”

Neale Donald Walsch, Friendship with God: An Uncommon Dialogue
Graphite Drawing,
 Making Creation, 5″x5″, mixed media, Hendricks © 2020

I had a few busy weeks just wanted to check in and post an image that I completed. Spending my time between working with my monthly meeting and yearly meeting.  I am happy I can continue using my design skills to help out. 

As I draw, I notice I am becoming more critical of my work. I am slowing down, considering aspects of the drawings more closely. I guess that is why I like this quote. Does the next drawing have to be better than the last?  Yes, I want to learn and travel the path with more skill, but skill is produced not only by study but by practice. 

Telling my Story

Tell your own story, and you will be interesting.

Louise Bourgeois,
400 Art Quotes: That will inspire the artist in you
Two Drawings, playing with the idea of space.
Flowers, 2.5″x 5″, Graphite, Pen, Color Pencil (left) Chaos, 5″ x 5″, Micron pen


Doodling Vs Drawing

Doodling is to the [artist] what stream-of-consciousness is to the writer.

~Alvalyn Lundgren, Alvalyn Studio

Doodle or Art?

Ink drawing by Bill Hendricks, all work copyrighted.
Creation, 2020—pen,  Bill Hendricks©2020

Great question!

It has both the aspects that Alvalyn Lundgren’s article describes. It had no real purpose. It doesn’t need to depict anything like a person. There was no pressure to perform, but it is meaningful, and a drawing that does communicate.  Not sure how well or not. It is merely a series of marks. They are playful, geometric, linear, shaded, or whatever. It is a question I am interested in considering. 

I will go with automatic drawing with thoughtful consideration. Thus, art.

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