Doodling Vs Drawing

Doodling is to the [artist] what stream-of-consciousness is to the writer.

Alvalyn Lundgren,
Alvalyn Studio

Doodle or Art?
Creation, 2020—pen ©Bill Hendricks

Great question!

It has both the aspects that Alvalyn Lundgren’s article describes. It had no real purpose. It doesn’t need to depict anything like a person. There was no pressure to perform, but it is meaningful, and a drawing that does communicate.  Not sure how well or not. It is merely a series of marks. They are playful, geometric, linear, shaded, or whatever. It is a question I am interested in considering. 

I will go with automatic drawing with thoughtful consideration. Thus, art.

Process, Product or Both?

A process is a series of steps designed to lead to a particular outcome or goal. It is exploration, a journey, it is fluid, dynamic.  A product is the outcome or goal of a process. It is static, solid, fixed in a single moment, a snapshot, usually an artifact created through that process.

Peter Toth


Process or Product?

I think for most artists, it should be the same. Each stroke informs the next. Each piece of work informs the next, but remember the key is paying attention.

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