First things first: in its present incarnation Flock is nowhere near stable enough to use as an everyday browser – and to be fair it isn’t supposed to be. Flock 0.5 is not even a beta, it’s a developer preview … Despite the bugs, though, Flock contains enough bright ideas to make it an interesting addition to the burgeoning browser scene.

http://www.netmag.co.uk/reviewsdefault.asppagetypeid=2&articleid=38470&subsectionid=497&subsubsectionid=168\”>.net – .reviews – Flock 0.5

Great review and it explains how these developers bring a fresh tool that intergrates a number of web services into a browser. Take a few minutes to read this article about how Flock brings innovation to the web.

As for me, the last few days have been very productive. Drawings are finally documented. Now I only need to gather up some of the other documentation of the work I’ve done. Working hard on my classes… syllabi due next week.

Author: Bill Hendricks -- Shadowmason

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