Creation, Chaos, Order

The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been concealed by the answers.

James Baldwin
99 Inspiring Quotations on Art, Creativity, Life and Livelihood


Chaos II, Hendricks ©2020, approx. 5″x5″, Found paper, pen and color pencil

Continuing to work and play with both images and media, I find a path to prayer and meditation as I work. Prayer or mediation are words that I, as Quaker, find a bit disingenuous. For me, I find silence, and I can open myself to my higher power. 

This quote is meaningful to me because this reality that I experience is experienced to me through my brain’s filters.  So the answers at times seem very clear… but it is the questions that are a mystery. In most Quaker meetings, there is an opportunity for individuals to ask for a clearness committee to help discern questions in their lives. I guess it is the art that I work with and enjoy that serves as my clearness committee. This committee serves to provide questions to the answers and provides questions to explore to seek further clarity to the answers that exist.

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