Christian Art Show — Not Mine but Dr. He Qi’s

I had the pleasure to judge the Christian Art Show at Cross View Lutheran Church along with Marko Fields. It was indeed a pleasure to see so many works.

I am grateful to the congregation of Cross View Lutheran Church for recognizing the importance that art plays in our lives by supporting artist and administrating the Christian Art Festival.

Art is meant to be shared. It is a poetic form of communication that helps us understand and reflect on our world and its cultures and our relationship within its context.

What struck me most about the submissions that Cross View Lutheran Church received was the honesty that came through in the work and the sincerity in the process of art making. I see it, as a Quaker, as another approach to prayer. Where listening to that that stirs within is as important as vocalizing prayer.

The opening is Saturday, April 29, 2006
6 – 8 pm.

Not Photoshop…

These are some of the prints I’ve created over the last couple of days. Love the process but I am such a slob. Getting new film and will take it to the next step to this weekend.

Handed off my work to SooVac today. Decided to go with the drawing… seems fitting almost that it is from the show in December. My presence carried forward into the spring a new space and a new group of people the show opens May 12th.” 

Ain’t No Sunshine

No, not depressed… actually was a very good week… a delightful week in fact. Currently, I am chugging away through PHP and MySQL, a Peachpit book. I am remembering more that I thought. Pretty amazing what may take place on the web currently. Never really know what will happen in the future so I have to get better acquainted with the programing.

Made a few more plates… it seems currently with the temp and this date it takes about 4.5 minutes with a minute of wash. I’m getting excited after this week I will be able to spend more time working on these prints. Today I am heading to MCAD to do a workshop in polymer plates. Noon, I will need to be back at MCTC… another department meeting.

Frustration Builds …

A bit frustrated because I have been so busy. Doing least than expected but more of everything else that really is important but not doing as much art as I might.

My Web Tools class and my Intro Class, Thurs a.m are doing some very good work. The web Tools class in particularly interesting to me because so few had HTML. They experienced a huge learning curve at the beginning but many have a keen understanding of what they are doing.

As for myself, I am still captivated by shadows on houses and the lines produced by nature. The bare trees now are taking on more complex shapes as the leaves begin to bud. The few I took yesterday have very angle shapes… almost pained but then too it is a conversation about life and rebirth or even a comparison abut sleeping and death. This image almost rips the atmosphere as it slashes through the image.

A cracking in our foundation… a tear in society as we wrestle with global warming, immigration… the economy. Maybe that is what I am seeing as these shadows are fragmenting our institutions, homes and businesses.

My time I think will be taken up this week by getting my work over to Soo Visual Arts Center and getting it up and running. A little nervous about getting Grinder up and running again.Well, perhaps more this week. As my week progresses.