Post Openings on SLEA (4SW)

The Labyrinthine/Labyrinth opened
on November 15, 2023

The worst Labyrinth is not that intricate form that can entrap us forever, but a single and precise straight line.
~ Jorge Luis Borges (Author, The Library of Babel)

I termed the first party or opening a quiet opening the first hour of silence… Voice and music were turned off for the parcel; the only sounds were the chimes of Tibet chimes being rung as avatars walked through the hallways. During the second hour, DJ Sheperd played music that was both peaceful and still provided the installation’s visitors with a musical journey in the center dome. It attracted a small crowd. Quiet is not one of Second Life’s suits. I did enjoy sharing it with my visitors and friends.

A poetic drawing was used for my invitation to the quiet opening on Nov 15, 2023. It is of a tree, and the drawing is inverted. The white is now black.
The Invitation to the Labyrinthine, November 15, 2023

The Labyrinthine/Labyrinth second opening party was held on November 22, 2023

Poster for the second party at the  Labyrinthine/Labyrinth. Friends from Brotherly Love, Exile, and a dance club moved their weekly party to the labyrinth's center.
Exile on Exile—> to SLEA (4SW), the Labyrinth

This was a well-attended party and celebration  DJ Tomtom, from Köln, Germany. Second Life is a global community. The music was great and everyone had fun. 

I am planning a Zoom tour soon. I will be announcing soon. 

SLEA Labyrinth –> Procrastination

Why am I procrastinating?

“We don’t abandon our pursuits because we despair of ever perfecting them.” — Epictetus (the Daily Stoic)

SLEA Labyrinth as of 11-13-23, created by Bill Hendricks / Tap Quentin for Second Life Endowment for the Arts Grant.
Choices, Investigation, and Perfectionism

I am currently working on completing this project for my grant, but confronting self-doubt. The self-doubt I find is almost as hard to overcome as the desire for perfection and overthinking. 

One Sketch; Two Paths

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.


One Sketch; Two Paths was an exploration using two different approaches and two different media, as Bill Hendricks worked on them simultaneously.
One Sketch; Two Paths