Is Colored Pencil my Waterloo?

A blind man can make art if what is in his mind can be passed to another mind in some tangible form.

Sol LeWitt, Brainy Quotes

Mechanical – Pen and Ink

Continuing to work… Sol LeWitt, the conceptual artist, seems to consider that planning is an essential part of a work of art. Producing it appears to be the only element to transfer the ideas encapsulated in the work.
For me, at this stage, planning is becoming essential. But not quite sure where this work is leading me or why. I have a hunch, but it is not clear to me now.
The color pencils are presenting a challenge and using other software as opposed to Adobe’s offerings. It does feel good supporting those that are daring enough to take on the Goliath of software. For those interested Affinity Photo, Affinity Design and Blender are the software I am using.

Moving forward—A few Images are Missing

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time

Nikki Rowe

Untitled-4.5″x 4.5″, Color Pencil and Digital

Looking back over my earlier posts have lost their images. I had a choice to correct the glitches, that I am disappointed losing or continue forward. I chose to continue forward. 

I haven’t forgotten them they live on in my soul and behind these digital pages in a database on some server someplace. They are images that informed my current work.

Left Behind in a Memory

The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant.

Salvador Dali

Left behind in a Memory

Memories are often a jump off point for creating a poem, lyric, or other piece of art. They can be enhanced, altered, enlarged, and explored. In fact, they are often only a representation of what we wish could be true. You might wonder why, I spend so much time rearranging and recreating a simple photograph. Just as we each have our own perception of the world, shaped by the past, present, and physiology. This is how I like to remind myself that this is my unique view of the world. Not reality, but my reality. 

~ Bill Hendricks (Shadowmason)

Information about Bill Hendricks (Shadowmason)

About Me… William John Hendricks

I am what I amAnd what I am needs no excusesI deal my own deckSometimes the ace sometimes the deuces. 
~ Jerry Herman, Composer (Wikipedia)

Bill Hendricks, (Shadowmason)
Bill Hendricks, 2021, in my office at Minneapolis College.

I am a Minnesotan who has lived half my life in Los Angeles and New York City. I consider myself a digital artist. However, my work includes tactile work, such as printmaking, photography, drawing, and interactive installations. I have a print in the permanent collection of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, and several private collections throughout the United States. In addition, my work was included in a group show titled, The Intimate Gallery, which questioned and explored the existence of collective consciousness in Minneapolis at Gallery 148. 

My work was included in the New York City group show, Visual AIDS, Postcards From the Edge in New York City at The Robert Miller Gallery. 

I taught Graphic Design, Web Design, and fine art at Minneapolis College (MCTC) for 22 years. I also taught at Minneapolis College of Art and Design for a few years, where I earned my MFA.

After retirement, I am again pursuing a career as a fine artist. For the last three years, I have built a body of work that includes ink drawings, photography, and 3D modeling.

Currently, my work appears in Second Life in some galleries. Second Life Endowment for the Arts invited me to appear in a group show in January, where I exhibited digital prints and drawings. My work there appears using my pseudonym, Tap Quentin. You may view my work shown on Second Life Marketplace at Ephemeral Traces.

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