Busy next couple of days… I got the software running for the Grinder piece. I will need two computers but I think it will work out just fine. Today I need to finish my citations and get the furniture for the installation. Perhaps I will be able to work on it later today and tomorrow. I think I will be able to do some drawing outside Friday–looks like it will be a nice day.
Nothing profound but logging in.

Graphic Design for the Non Designer’

I began working on a course to follow-up the postcard course, which I taught online for Minneapolis College of Art and Design. This course will be five weeks. I will be teaching design principles and elements. I will be looking for course material in the next fews weeks.

Out the Back Window

This photo was taken in 2004. A bit dark, I know, a bit depressing but I had to pause when I saw it. My life will be changes quite significantly in the next few weeks.

Today I have been doing catch up on putting myself online. I found Flock, a new browser. Wow! I can’t believe the additional features it offers. Check it out. I’ve been playing with it all day. I think it has introduced me to a whole new way of thinking about how to network.

Flock – New Media, New Relevance

[…] when writing for a global audience with a variety of perspectives, being “relevant” is more important than being “authoritative”, and will better encourage a global dialogue. And in order to be “relevant”, writing must not implicitly subordinate cultures that are foreign to its own intellectual tradition. This is not a matter of ethics or morals; it is a matter of being relevant to today’s world. 

Dyske Suematsu 2004

I’ve been playing with Flock and have made incredible discoveries. New to me…  Technorati, Last. FM, and Each of these interconnected groups of people with similar interests–these sites go a long way in creating virtual communities and with it comes for me a new way to check in and reevaluate.

The last few weeks I have been reading and writing about Kara Walker, Bill Viola and James Turrell. What I discovered about their work is that each of them work hard to reveal the fallibility of our perceptions. Each of these artist work to reveal alternate or realities to the viewer. That is the relevance of their work–they let the light in.’

For the last couple of days…

I have been working on the course I am teaching at Minneapolis College of Art and Design–Postcards and Beyond, the portfolio portion of this site and my résumé. It feels like I am ready to move into this ArtChangesLives. Working on my résumé trying to put my life on a page is very similar to drawing a line. In a sense, it is very much like trying to get from point x to y as directly as possible. Well, when I lived it, it certainly wasn’t clear at all. A résumé isn’t designed to show the lines that never worked out–the disappointments, the multitude of choices, the dawdling to the delightful distractions and amusements along the way and the calls to stop. We are called to knit events into tidy little packages. Sad, I say that because it is the challenges and the untidiness that really informs a life and created mine.

A line is a dot that went for a walk.

Paul Klee