The Intimate Gallery, Questioning the Collective Consciences

How’s it going? Fine here. I just opened the show ”The Intimate Gallery, Questioning the Collective Consciences”. The opening was fun. Also opening on September 30 was the Ireland show and Jerome 2004 – 2005. The Ireland show was comprised of the work that was done last year in Ballyvaughan, Ireland by the all the students that studied abroad. It surprised me that students that were international also had work appear in the show. The work was splendid.

The Jerome was the best ever in my humble opinion. The artist were Michael Gaughan, Kirk McCall, Abinadi Meza, Lisa Nankivil. Michael Gaughan was a studio-mate of mine a few years ago. There were some interesting work. The painting were large and reminded me of tie dye and harkens back to the sixties.

The participants in the Intimate Gallery were Andrea Carlson, Erika Ritzel, Lilla Johnson, Laura Andrews, Joseph Sinness, Bethany Kalk, Heidi Grass, Mari Richards, Monica Haller, Bill Hendricks and Jon Grizzle.