One Step Closer

The projects are going along well. Having fun with Director. Have tried the Director animation a couple different ways which ever way I have done it, it is a real drag on the processor.

I can’t believe… I can’t remember how to do repeating loops or set up functions. Some other things I remember so well.

The sun is out — would have been a great day for drawing but it is so blasted windy. I am hoping Friday will be better. I have to figure out how I am going to hang the camera for my installation. Seems I’ll be doing a performance piece with the camera mounted above me while I am tracing my shadow on the floor below. The image caught by the projector of me tracing my shadow will be projected on the wall.

Next couple days I will post the floor plan for my thesis show.


Oak’s Shadow @ MCAD—Oct 20, 2005

Waiting for sun… having a good time today. Working on the animation for my final project–”the Grinder.” It is going well but needed a bit of a break. So here I am.

I certainly don’t get tired of taking photos. This image was taken the morning of Oct 20th. Before I started my drawing that day. I did draw yesterday but it got very cloudy so I had to quit at noon. I am hoping to be able to resume it again on the Tuesday or Wednesday. The weather doesn’t look like it will cooperate until then. Bummer. 

Do hope to get my animation done today.