Until a few minutes ago I didn’t even know that it the city existed … but it does and it rests on a beautiful lake in a valley surrounded by some fairy tall mountains. We should be in Milan in 45 minutes. Sadly our stop will only be about 25 minutes. Mike and I are having a wonderful time. Our stay in Paris and Luzern was fabulous. We aren’t trying to see everything… really we are not trying to see much at all. Mostly our schedule and what we see within the cities happen pretty much by accident.

We were in Luzern for two nights… during what we found the “Blue\r\nBalls Festival” (hmm…) which occurs every year in July. This year it fell between July 21 and the 29. It festival includes live music and lots of vendors that surround the lake, it seem to center on the Kunst\r\nMuseum Square on the edge of the lake and all along the lake in what is considered to be old town. Tons of beer… too. It seems the art crowd can hold their beer better than the old town side. The younger folk seemed to hang out on the old town side. So it was a bit rowdier… Michael seemed to like that side more. It definitely was more casual and the boys were cuter.

Well, we the first language switched to Italian so I guess we are in Italy!

We did a lot of walking in Lucern… and walk the perimeters of the old city and along its walls. It seems almost as if Walt Disney built most of the town. The friezes … I think that is what you call them that were painted on the fronts for the buildings ranged from quite traditional to what might be called images of horror. I am sure you really don’t need a moment by moment of our vacation but I just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you and Steven J. I’ve attached a couple of pictures that we took in Luzern.

We are wondering what is happening with the tavern… Everything OK? Please let us know. Michael said you promised you would.

I guess we are having Italian tonight in Florence. Yum! We are both excited about seeing Silvano on Saturday. It has been a longtime. 

Hope you are well… You might think me crazy for e-mailing but this is my form of a postcard.

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