Heading for Europe…. 

We’re heading to Europe… SOON!


Next Saturday at this time I will be setting on a plane… Heading to Cleveland then… some where else then somewhere else… then finally Paris.

I’ve never been particularly concerned about flying or traveling before but after this week’s news I am a bit. I just can’t believe what is going on in the world and what is even more scary to me is the position that Bush and his cronies put the United States in. The thing that is even more amazing to be me is how the American people fall for the hysterics and the smoke screen that the Republicans throw up every election. The gay issue … the abortion issue and the flag. Doesn’t anyone care about family? It seems so strange to me that the Republicans have the nerve to talk about family as the supreme entity and then… saddle the next generation with debt… with a polluted environment and no health care. They are setting up an aristocratic state by doing away with the inheritance tax. Glad I’m gay … I don’t have children. Sadly, I have nieces and nephews so I must.\n\nBut AMERICA AWAKE UP!

Oh this was suppose to be about my trip to Europe… OK. Well, Mike and I are traveling by train… and will be visiting Paris, Lucerne, Florence and Umbra. In Umbra we will find our buddy– Silvano. We will be staying a few days with him. That’s him hugging my man.\n\nFrom Umbra, we will be traveling to Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Zürich and then by to Paris. I am still debating whether or not to take my computer… really have to take my camera. No video… Sketch book… and a couple of other books too. Clothes? I am hoping minimal because we can use laundries over there a few times that will be an adventure too.

This will be the first time that we have been to Europe… I think after the Euro became the currency of choice. That we make our trip a bit easier but it was fun having to be convert to the currency of our host country when we traveled before. Even though, we are excited about our trip and seeing the cities and countryside along our route, I do think we are wishing that we might have went back to Greece. We loved the Greeks and their country and islands. Santorini and Mykonos were beautiful. The beaches and parties on Mykonos were delightful. I have to say Crete was wonderful too.

Well… more later.…


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