Minneapolis—More and More Like Home

Classes have started both my online and face to face. Most of the last few days were spent working on the online course. It is open today and I see students are checking it out. The area that is receiving the most attention is the grade area. It seems that the syllabus none have looked at. Interesting.


Also, Mike and I went to the Edina Art Fair this weekend to be honest I was quite disappointed there were few painters, a lot of jewelry and lots of bad photographers. Many of these artist found a gimmick and worked it to death. I really believe few paid attention to composition. Most of the photographers used broad and splashy colors which is fine but in many cases this choice didn’t suit the images.

I did have fun with Mike and spending the day with him was special. Wish me luck… I’ve applied to a couple of shows… myself. I think photographers have it difficult… I think i will be moving away from photography in the future or turning towards alternative methods.


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