Tapestries of Vision

Tapestries are made by many artisans working together. The contributions of separate workers cannot be discerned in the completed work, and the loose and false threads have been covered over. So it is in our picture of particle physics.”
~ Sheldon L. Glashow

particles abound
Tapestries of Vision

Quaker tradition of community… A picture of particle physics. You often hear that what separates of Quakers from the other religious belief, this that Quakers believe that there is that of God within everyone that Quakers recognize. What I have come to understand is that particle of God that is within is a bit of the same God particle that binds us all together.

The gathered meeting that is sought by members of the Religious Society of Friends is when all those bits and pieces come together and unite in a perfect tapestry during the meeting.

The Quaker like the artist sees that special connection that we all have to the Higher Power and are able to access.

Yes, you will see the grains in my work and those grains represent the life of Gaea coming together and stitching the tapestry of life together.

Simplistic I know… But a firmly held belief.

Bill Hendricks, “Shadowmason’

Author: ShadowMason

ShadowMason is the online persona of Bill Hendricks. Bill teaches at Minneapolis Community Technical College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He teaches graphic and web design. He is an artist and holds a MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In his position at MCTC he appreciates the opportunity to assist his students to build a career in design and visual communications. He regards this as a special gift; as a way to show his appreciation to all that assisted and taught him.

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