Sketch Today — August 7, 2005

Quick Sketch
Quick Sketch
I’m still figuring out … how the format thing works. It seems pages are not as useful as I thought. It is kind of interesting because I spent a lot of time trying to find a theme with pages. This feature doesn’t seem to work so well either. Damn I should have tested in all browsers. There seems to be a box problem in IE plus in all browsers if the pages begin to create a hierarchy then the sidebar gets pushed to the bottom of the page. This also happens with the lazy gallery. My partner thinks I am nuts because I have been working on this for about a few days. I guess it is a bit compulsive. Plus, you might think that I should have been able to do multiple Websites. Well, I have. I worked up two versions of Blix and one version of Desert. I would have stuck with Desert but I was having trouble creating multiple categories. Plus it didn’t have pages which I am not so sure I want anymore. This is crazy… but fun. Anyway, let me know what you think.

Author: ShadowMason

ShadowMason is the online persona of Bill Hendricks. Bill teaches at Minneapolis Community Technical College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He teaches graphic and web design. He is an artist and holds a MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In his position at MCTC he appreciates the opportunity to assist his students to build a career in design and visual communications. He regards this as a special gift; as a way to show his appreciation to all that assisted and taught him.

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