Following the Path

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”. ~ Pablo Picasso (source)

Walking the Path

Creating art is like following a hiking path with various twists and turns. Some you can see where you’re going from a distance, some you cannot see beyond bent, and some you just end up where you started. It really is never about the piece at hand… It really is about the journey. ~ Bill Hendricks

Author: ShadowMason

ShadowMason is the online persona of Bill Hendricks. Bill teaches at Minneapolis Community Technical College, Minneapolis, Minnesota. He teaches graphic and web design. He is an artist and holds a MFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In his position at MCTC he appreciates the opportunity to assist his students to build a career in design and visual communications. He regards this as a special gift; as a way to show his appreciation to all that assisted and taught him.

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