There is a Difference…

The painter should not paint what he sees, but what will be seen.”
    ~ Paul Klee

Lake Harriet—Dusk
Lake Harriet—Dusk

My photographs and the algorithm I am using are giving me consistant results. Still wrestling with the value produced, My inclination is towards deeper, darker and richer color but I am concerned that this hides the detail within the image. And… Yes, I am using the word algorithm because it is a system or process that I using each time while working with the images produce. And… No, I am not using Photoshop’s action palette. I am using the same process and doing it step by step, while fine-tuning it along the way. You might call these a low-tech process.

Process—Believing You Can.

The work of art is above all a process of creation.”
~ Paul Klee, (1879–1940)

Flowers along the roadside.
Glasier National Park, Waiting for the Flagman

Looking through my photos I took while in Glasier National Park, I was glad to see I noticed the small things along the way. The mountains and views were so spectacular while trying to absorb the whole you often miss the small items that make the whole so incredible. Maybe more than you need, but this serves as a metaphor for life. Life is so full and so amazing, one can get distracted by the large moments and miss the seemingly insignificant moments that make them so special.

Change in Direction… On West Coast

I have a feeling that sooner or later I shall arrive at something legitimate, only I must begin, not with hypotheses, but with specific instances, no matter how minute.”
  ~ “Artists on Art, from the 14th – 20th centuries”, ed. Robert Goldwater and Marco Treves; Pantheon Books, 1972, London, p. 442 (art quotes, Paul Klee)

The Bread Art Project
Using the interactive tools on The Bread Art Project

Art Changes Lives by bringing attention to Grain Foods Foundation a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the public’s understanding of the important role grain-based foods play in a healthful diet.

Create a piece of bread art… for each piece of art a person creates a dollar is donated to the Share the Strength. I encourage you to create a work that will hang in the Bread Art Gallery.

Taking a Second Look

Art does not reproduce what is visible; it makes things visible.”
   ~ Paul Klee

Definitely not July
Looking a Second Time

I agree with this statement… But I don’t think it makes it visible immediately. After posting this image on 500px and Flickr, I went back to scan my work for comments and ran across this photo that I took a few weeks ago. I truly loved it from the start. As I saw it for the first time again, I saw a lamp as bright as the sun, rectangular, and non-organic. It needed to be changed. Funny, how the mind works, it sees what it wants to see, grows accustom to its mistakes, and fills in missing elements.

So maybe art does make the invisible visible but it takes a bit of time to absorb what is really there.