Art teaches…

All colours will agree in the dark.” ~ Francis Bacon (source)

Art Changes Lives, Photo by Bill Hendricks
You only think this is black and white.

One might only think this is black and white… When the truth is, it is created out of red, green, and blue. Truth is not always so obvious. ~ Bill Hendricks (Shadowmason)


Photography by Bill Hendicks, (Shadowmason)
Seeking, What Lies Between the Pixels


Art is the ultimate exploration and discovery… Helps define what lies between the pixels and the brush strokes.” ~ Bill Hendricks (Shadowmason)

Ultimately, the artist will never know but what art provides a compelling way to look at the world. My art and my statements may never leave this blog, but it’s the self-examination and broader perspective of the world that I seek.

When Art Ceases to Be Art

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” ~ Oscar Wilde (source)

The fact of the matter is… The truth lies between the particles. We are all looking through a window layered with dust and grime.

Bill Hendricks (Shadowmason)

Photography by Bill Hendricks (Shadowmason)
Truth Hides Between the Particles

Peeling Back the Layers

There are still so many places on our planet that remain unexplored. I’d love to one day peel back the mystery and understand them.” ~ Annie Leibovitz (source)

Valencia, Spain--Urban Exploration
Past Soon Forgotten or Present Soon to Change

There are multiple reasons I seek abandoned structures and apply HDR techniques to them. First, I guess, as I have made it clear in this blog is that I am fascinated by exploring what our senses are incapable of picking up. Not that these photos are reality either, but it makes clear that there are realities that are beyond our senses that our brain filters out so we may make sense of this world.

Secondly, truth continues to change as does the world around us. Over the last century, truth has changed more than we could ever imagine. Just as these old structures will soon be replaced by new ideals, so too will our perceptions and beliefs. We have seen this occur just in the last couple of years. Just one example, the shift in attitudes of same sex marriage.

Of course, this makes sense in light of the reality we live in today, one sculpted by the media, politicians, religious leaders, educators, advertisers, and marketers. I think, it is our duty as global citizens to push the boundaries of our perceptions of the world and delve deeper into our psyche to seek a more universal truth. This blog and these photos are my effort to do just that. This blog is my attempt to change just one life through art… Mine.

Blogs author ~ Bill Hendricks, (Shadowmason)