Perception and Thought

Perception and thought are physical processes. Perception is of two sorts, one of the senses, one of the understanding. Perceptions of the latter sort depend only on the things perceived, while those of the former sort depend also on our senses, and are therefore apt to be deceptive.” ~ Bertrand Russell
(2013-04-15). History of Western Philosophy: Collectors Edition (Routledge Classics) (p. 67). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

Perception and Thought
Perception and Thought

The job of the artist, designer is to incorporate perception and thought to be comprehended as a whole, whether we ever come close to truth I very much doubt. Truth changes as the wind and the times.

Bill Hendricks, Shadowmason

An Expedition—
Bringing the Past into the Present

Memory holds together past and present, gives continuity and dignity to human life… the companion… the tutor, the poet, the library, with which you travel.”      ~ Mark van Doren, an American writer (souroe)

North Dakota, Along the 94 Interstate
Art—To Some Stitching Past and Present Together

Since my diagnoses with HIV (AIDS), I literally sobered up. I’m about twenty-years sober and I feel blessed that I have found my way to sobriety. Sobriety has allowed me to go places and do things that I never dreamed possible. It’s been far more exciting than those haze filled days. I’m lucky I didn’t have to lose anything to find my way to sobriety. Never lost a job, never a DWI, and still have my partner.

For me, art is stitching time and place together…. Finding a way to connect the past and future together in some fashion. Whether it that is using a narrative or metaphor.

As I live with HIV, taking multiple medications a day, I think of how the present is connected with the past and how we experience the world. Our senses that we relay on to explain our surroundings and interpret the world are faulty at best. In a way, we all live in Plato’s Cave staring at the shadows on the wall.