Snowy Day on Superior

Sky Image
The sky over Superior

Sunday, again, and we are getting ready to head home. It was a good and snow weekend but lots of fun with Mollie, Tony and her boys. Reid and Joey are full of energy and great kids. Got to watch Pixar movies, eat, and play. Who could ask for more?

My arm does ache still from the surgery. Looking forward to Mr. Ice Pack. We’ll be heading back in about an hour an a half.

Monday—A Day of Grading.

Dark Trees Light Skies
Dark Trees Light Skies

Saturday Afternoon, originally uploaded by shadow_mason.

Still playing with the camera in the iPhone. Happy with the images. Pretty straight forward little camera. Very happy with this image, great lines and tone.

iPhone and the Kitchen

Toasty Kitchen...
Toasty Kitchen…

myKitchen, originally uploaded by shadow_mason.

Just playin’ around checking out the resolution and focus. I am finding this a sweet little camera. Enjoying a phone and its features. Not sure if I will find it worth the extra money but have to say it is fun to experiment with.

The semester is rolling along, I can’t believe it is week 5 or 6. We had the first hint of spring in weeks. I am looking forward to the warmer weather.