The Perfect Model—Michael

Just because of Rubens I am looking for a blonde model.”
    ~ Vincent Van Gogh

The Perfect Model
The Perfect Model--A Stop in Idaho Early Morning

Looked through some of the photos I took along the way back home and found this one taken in the early morning hours in Idaho. Idaho was one of the highlights of our trip out west. And no, I am not looking for a blonde model, happy with the one I have.

Headin’ South—A New Start

I try. I fail. I try again. I fail better.”
    ~ Samuel Beckett

Gathering for the Trip South--Lake Harriet
Gathering for the Trip South--Lake Harriet

Accomplished one of my main goals that I set for my sabbatical yesterday. The courses that were written for the Tech Prep agreement between Minneapolis Community Technical College (MCTC) and Minneapolis (MPLS) K-12 were approved. Next step… Meeting with the MPLS faculty and see who is participating and hammering out the details. I am excited about working with them. This is good for MCTC and the city’s graphic design programs at the high school level.

The Art of Seeing

I don’t think that design needs theory, but I think designers need theory.”
   ~ Johanna Drucker, visual theorist and cultural critic

Seeing Green—Central Park
Seeing Green—Central Park

Fell upon Dr. Johanna Drucker’s name as I was searching the web for information about the culture of seeing. As I travelled around the web I located this site, Art and Visual Culture. It is here that I found a hypothesis by the author pointing towards the work of Dr. Drucker on visual culture, that “… graphic design is just as much influenced by social and cultural factors as fine art, but perhaps in a more noticeable way.” Hard to teach but essential for any student of graphic design to understand.

Hermosa Beach, CA — On Sabbatical

Art is an idea that has found its perfect visual expression. And design is the vehicle by which this expression is made possible. Art is a noun, and design is a noun and also a verb. Art is a product and design is a process. Design is the foundation of all the arts.”
    ~ Paul Rand

iPhone photo in Hermosa Beach with a glimpse of the pier.
Hermosa Beach at Dusk

Often the question is posed, “Is art still art if it is only met to be shown in a closet?” I certainly think it is… It is a means of communication even if it is a means for a individual to process their own inner feelings and thoughts, as one would use a diary or journal. However, I think, it is more fun if it shared.

I certainly can understand why individuals might be intimidated or overwhelmed about showing the work they create. You reveal a bit of yourself; you leave yourself a little vulnerable but on the other hand you learn about yourself and world as well and you bring your ideas and thoughts to the world. When I was a young artist, I instinctively knew that what I created would enjoy a life on its own. It was not me. It merely was a product produced by me and any comments or critiques about the work was not directed at me but belonged to the work.

Don’t let your fear or shyness stand in the way of your work. Give art a chance to change your life, whether you keep it in a sketchbook, closet, or hang it on a wall.

Currently, I am in Hermosa Beach, CA and start my sabbatical in earnest. Today I continue my studying of HTML5. It is a beautiful day on the beach. The haze is clearing and people are beginning their routines. A beach volleyball camp is setting up between us and the water. It is great to be home… Last night, we had a wonderful dinner at Tapas and Vino in Redondo Beach with my old classmate and his family. It is hard to believe that it has been almost thirty years since we graduated from California State Dominquez Hills.