Art-Nerds—Obsessed with Art

Written by ShadowMason on August 22nd, 2011

Girls sometimes sport pale lip tints, dark eyeshadow a la’ Edie Sedgewick, while guys are often into hats and caps. Vision-challenged art-nerds often lean towards retro or nerd style glasses, many owning more than two pairs of specs.”
   ~ Urban Dictionary

Assembled in the sand

Far From Random

Fossil microbes give sulphur insight on ancient Earth

Reading the news today my imagination is sparked again by the speculation about life on Mars current or in the past and this speculation has fueled my art. Whether it is recording/documenting traces of… or evidence of life, I am fascinated about what traces we might leave behind. CSI, the television show, examines a crime scene for traces of DNA. Looking for a hair or fiber, or a bit of soil that can tie the suspect to the crime.

As time passes and friends and family pass-on, I muse about what traces we leave behind… What evidence of life do we leave… a single skin cell, a passing shadow, or an assemblage of shells? Or possibly only a deed.


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